Our reputation is built on producing excellent and timely results.  Our pledge of confidentiality assures the trust which candidates and clients expect. Often the most desirable candidate is not circulating an accurate resumé or looking at an advertisement. We identify and approach experienced lawyers for specific opportunities whether or not we believe they are actively looking.

Candidates undergo a rigorous screening process and are asked to prepare an extensive autobiographical statement. By the time we meet for personal interviews, we’ve moved well-beyond the resume to evaluate management strengths, problem-solving, personal style and leadership characteristics.


Relying upon our knowledge of the client organization and legal team, we seek not just a match of experience but of future potential. We seek a win/win, where clients gain exceptional lawyers who, in turn, are given continuing opportunities to grow.

"Early Cochran & Olson has a special knack for discerning the nuances of their client organizations as well as the candidate's background and personality to determine whether there is a good fit. As the successful candidate in a search, I found Corinne Cochran a pleasure to work with and very considerate of the best interests of both client and candidate. She was extremely thorough in her diligence and transparent and candid in all her communications. She brought a unique understanding and wise perspective regarding my prior work experience and the career and personal life decisions at stake in the search. Corinne speaks her mind, loves her job and delights in win-win results. I can't recommend Early Cochran & Olson highly enough."

~ Joe Thesing

Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary & Chief Compliance Officer WilsonArt International Holdings LLC