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We work to thoroughly understand your business - your structure, culture and future direction. We meet with appropriate executives, senior management and stakeholders within your organization to identify your legal talent needs through your eyes.

We develop a comprehensive position description, helping ensure that your search parameters are exact, realistic and competitive. We work to tailor a strategy to target candidates from our research, our network and our proprietary database that will best match your needs. We approach highly qualified lawyers and leading industry legal talent. 

When we present a candidate panel to you, we summarize reasons for each recommendation, provide detailed assessments and written rationale. If requested, we help structure and coordinate the candidate interview process and facilitate compensation negotiations. We complete a detailed reference check, in addition to confirming a potential candidate's academic credentials and bar admission.

Throughout the process client and candidate contact is conducted in as timely and candid a manner as possible to forward the process and assist everyone to make the best informed decisions.

Business handshake
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